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Title:What Happens After Match Day
Category:Blogs and Diaries: Business and Blogs
Description:Congratulations! You just experienced what seems like the most influential day of your life – Match Day. This is an important step toward achieving your final goal of becoming a board-certified emergency medicine physician. Now, there’s a lot to ponder about between today and July 1. For the next three to four years, you are on a path to becoming an emergency medicine physician. Here are some important things to recall during your training. Your residency program is no longer school for the sake of learning. This is a very distinct training program designed to prepare you for a career as an emergency physician. Treat it as a job. Welcome it. Remember you are in this for the long run. Practice self-care and learn healthy routines now. Sleep, exercise, and try to eat well (a challenge when there are constantly snacks in the break room!). Create relationships with colleagues and attendings. Take the time to get to know your residency colleagues. No one can do this alone. There will be moments of celebration, frustration, and even sadness. A handful of your colleagues and attendings will likely become lifelong friends. You are about to encounter, first-hand, what the rest of your life will be like as a physician. The hours may at times seem long, the demands high, but in the end, your career path is totally worth it. Take advantage of this period.
Link Owner:Alison Coyle